Portable Restrooms for State Fairs

Ensure your state fair goes smoothly with our portable bathroom rentals. Our portable restrooms for state fairs offer clean and accessible bathroom facilities.


Portable Restrooms for State Fairs

United Site Services is your top choice for portable restrooms at state fairs. With a commitment to excellence, we offer clean and well-maintained facilities to meet the unique demands of these events. Our range includes standard portable restrooms, ADA-compliant trailers, handwashing stations, temporary fencing solutions and more. Punctuality, cleanliness, and professionalism are our priorities, ensuring a positive and hygienic experience for fair attendees. With decades of industry experience, United Site Services is your trusted partner for providing scalable and tailored restroom solutions, contributing to the success of state fairs across the country.

State Fair Porta Potty Rentals

Let us take care of your state fair sanitation needs while you focus on vendor selection, entertainment and venue logistics. We understand the dynamic and large-scale nature of these events, and our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver clean, well-maintained portable restrooms tailored to the unique demands of state fairs.

We offer a comprehensive range for sanitation needs, including standard porta potties, ADA-compliant units, handwashing stations and temporary fencing solutions. With decades of industry experience, we combine punctuality and top-notch service for a seamless and hygienic experience for your fair attendees.

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Why Use United Site Services for Your State Fair?

With our wide reach, United Site Services is the ideal choice to service your state fair's sanitation and event service needs. Our proven track record of experience at United Site Services brings unmatched expertise and reliability to ensure the success of your state fair.

Expertise: We are the primary service provider for some of the largest events, including every Super Bowl since 2010, music festivals and MLB/NFL stadiums.
Safety: We adhere to safety regulations to deliver your portable restrooms. With our partnership with Penske, we maintain our vehicles so they meet DOT standards.
Inventory: Currently, we service 129+ locations in 29 states. With over 3,500+ employees and around 300,000 portable restrooms, we are constantly growing to help you with your restroom needs.
Professionalism: Our commitment to professionalism means that our technicians follow a 10-point service plan during the time of your rental. Adhering to these regulations, we will provide safe and clean services for your state fair.

With our wide reach, United Site Services is the ideal choice to service your state fair's sanitation and event service needs. Our proven track record of experience at United Site Services brings unmatched expertise and reliability to ensure the success of your state fair.


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Additional State Fair Sanitation Solutions

In addition to our portable toilet options, we offer a comprehensive suite of sanitation solutions to meet the diverse needs of your state fair.

Restroom Trailers

In addition to standard porta potties, we provide restroom trailers that offer a more luxurious and spacious restroom for fair attendees. These trailers are equipped with additional amenities, such as flushing toilets, sinks and climate control.

Hand Washing Stations

Handwashing stations can be placed throughout the fairgrounds to promote proper hygiene.

Shower Trailers

For multi-day fairs or events with camping, we offer shower trailers for attendees with a private space to freshen up. The trailers are equipped with shower stalls, changing areas and hot water.

Temporary Fences & Barricades

Fairgrounds may need temporary fences and barricades to define perimeters and guide crowd flow.

Roll-off Dumpsters

Efficient waste management is crucial for a successful state fair. We offer roll-off dumpsters to handle the increased volume of waste generated during these events.

Temporary Power

To support the fair's infrastructure and various attractions, United Site Services provides temporary power solutions. From powering food vendors and entertainment stages to lighting up the entire fairgrounds, our temporary power services ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply throughout the event.

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State Fair Restroom Rentals: Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the number of porta potties necessary for a state fair involves considering several factors. You should consider factors such as the number of attendees and the duration of the fair. Additionally, compliance with local regulations regarding restroom facilities is essential. As a general rule of thumb, providing one restroom for every eight people is a good place to start. We also provide a porta potty calculator to get a preliminary estimate based on the details of your fair.

The cost of portable toilet rentals for state fairs can vary based on several factors, including the number of porta potties needed, the type of porta potty selected, the duration of the rental period and additional services required. Factors such as the inclusion of ADA-compliant units, high-end restroom trailers, and the specific features of the chosen units also contribute to the overall cost. To obtain an accurate and personalized cost estimate, we provide a free quote online or over the phone. This allows fair organizers to discuss their specific needs, including the size and nature of the fair, and receive a detailed quote tailored to their requirements.

State fairs offer a range of fencing options to cater to specific needs, including fence panels, chain link fences, barricade fences and privacy/wind screens. Each type of fence serves a unique purpose that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a state fair. For instance, fence panels are versatile and suitable for general fencing needs, while chain-link fences may be recommended for fairgrounds with steep or inconsistent grades. Barricade fences are effective for crowd guidance during the event, and privacy/wind screens serve to contain dust, providing an additional layer of functionality for a well-planned state fair setting.

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is important at state fairs to ensure the well-being of attendees. We offer a variety of hand washing solutions that can be tailored to your state fair, such as 2-station and 4-station portable sinks stocked with soap, water and paper products. To determine the number of handwashing stations needed, it is generally recommended to plan for 3 handwashes per person at the event. Our hand washing stations range from 19 - 45 gallons, while each gallon supplies roughly 15 hand washes.

If a porta potty or any other sanitation solution requires servicing during a state fair, we ensure a swift and responsive solution. Attendees or event organizers can easily contact a United Site Services team member to report any malfunctions or service needs. We offer dedicated customer support, allowing individuals to address issues promptly and efficiently. Whether it's a porta potty in need of cleaning or maintenance, or any other sanitation concern, we are committed to providing timely assistance to ensure a seamless and hygienic experience for all state fair attendees. Contact our customer care team for more information.


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