Hydroflow Sanitation System

Creating an Elevated Sanitary and Sustainable Experience

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Hydroflow Sanitation System

Hydroflow Sanitation System creates a more sanitary and sustainable restroom experience with vacuum technology. Elevate your portable restroom experience for any off-the-grid environment.

This setup is a modular system that utilizes clean, reliable vacuum flush technology that has been applied in aviation and shipping for years. This technology is now being applied to change the sanitation industry and end user experience.

Why Hydroflow Sanitation System?

The Cleanest Experience

This temporary site solution is easy to transport, easy to set up and can be configured in a wide variety of combinations to fit your needs. Plus, it saves on fresh water while providing the cleanest experience for the end user. It’s never been easier to provide an elevated sanitation experience for any event or site.

Rapid Deployment

Each module folds up neatly resulting in an easily transportable package so your mobile sanitation equipment can arrive at your location faster than standard portable restrooms or trailers.

A Sustainable Choice

The closed loop mobile pump system and collapsible design means you make an environmentally responsible choice. A single flush of these restrooms uses only one-fifth of a gallon of water, compared to one-to-two gallons in a traditional system. Plus, since all Hydroflow designs are collapsible, we’re able to deliver to your site in fewer trips, saving on vehicle emissions.

Customizable Configuration

Restroom, shower, sink and urinal modules can be mixed and matched to meet your needs and can run on the same Hydroflow pump for an easy, safe and clean experience.

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