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Trust United Site Services to fortify security and elevate safety on any project. Whether you rent a  temporary fence panels or chain-link fencing to enclose and safeguard a large construction site, or barricade rentals for crowd control at local events, United Site Services is your dependable partner. As the leading fence provider in the U.S., we are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal fencing solution for your needs.

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Enhance Security Levels with Our Temporary Fence Solutions

Our temporary fence rentals are the ideal solution for security, traffic flow and crowd management. United Site Services’ temporary fences offer a secure and safe solution that is hassle-free to erect and re-position as needed. No matter the size or scale of your project, our wide range of fence options ensures a seamless fit for your site requirements. Whether you’re looking for a construction fence rental to screen and secure a large site, or fence hire to corral crowds at a local event, our temporary fence rental services are here for you.

Temporary Fence Panels
Durable steel fence panels available in 6′ x 12′ and 8′ x 10′ sizes. Perfect for all construction fence rental needs and temporary fencing for events. Swift delivery and assembly by qualified technicians.

Post Driven Chain Link Temporary Fence
Resilient temporary fencing that is driven directly into the ground to withstand the toughest conditions. Ideal for construction fencing or security fencing. Post driven temporary fence can be installed on any surface.

Barricade Fence Rental
Durable, steel, crowd-control temporary fence panels. Free-standing security fencing that is lightweight and adaptable. Perfect for public events and security fencing.

Privacy Screen Temporary Fence
Privacy screening material for our temporary fence rentals. Provides protection from the weather, blocks visibility and creates a neutral and professional background. Ideal for a construction fence rental and public event site.

Stabilizer Options:

Keep your fence in place with standard double sticked bottom sandbags with 40lb weight capacity.

Driven Post
Is the backbone to your fence. Driven posts ensure your line of fence is anchored for wind resistance and prevents the fence from sagging.

Bigfoot Ballast Weight
Aesthetically pleasing for high profile job sites, with high visibility and a great alternative for sandbags

Gate Options:

Swing Gate
Our swing gates are low maintenance and require space for a wide half-circle for opening and closing.

Slide Gate
Our wheel-mounted gate slides along a track and is ideal for sites that have limited space, rough terrain and require increased security.

Cantilevered Gate
This trackless gate system is supported by rollers designed of all terrain, easy to maintain and has a long lifespan for longer projects. Wind Windscreens or Privacy Screens

Privacy Screen
Provides site noise reduction and visibility shields contents of site with 60% opacity. Protects one-site personnel from airborne dust and dirt. Provides additional privacy and security to your work environment.

Stock Vinyl (Plain)
Additional visual security and privacy with 70% opacity. Gives the site a clean and professional look.

Customer Logo Vinyl
Maximum brand impact with high-quality printed logo to showcase company or event and shield onsite contents with 70% opacity.

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